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Budget Travel to Large Cities

Tips for Budget Travel to Large Cities

Do you have a large city on your bucket list that you’ve been anxious to visit? Are you concerned that your budget is insufficient to cover the sometimes astronomical costs associated with large urban areas? There are so many ways to enjoy the sights, sounds and cuisine offered by large cities without breaking the bank. Follow these recommendations from the professional travel agents to kick start your planning. There’s no time better than the present to get started.

Budget Travel to Large Cities

The first step is to set a budget, select a destination and confirm your dates. If you’re travelling by plane, some of the cheapest gateways are smaller airports located on the outskirts of major urban areas. More often than not, public transportation is available from these airports. Research your flight options. Generally, the lowest fares can be had by booking well in advance and flying mid-week instead of weekend days. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are generally the days on which you’ll find the most competitive fares.

There are a myriad of affordable accommodation options available in larger cities. Check out the options offered by Groupon coupons and the fantastic selection of properties in the Motel 6 chain. Many of these properties are located on public transportation routes. Remind yourself that you will be spending the majority of the day in the city – not in your hotel room. Another option for affordable accommodations is the rental of a private room in a home or condominium owners open to travelers. Check out the many options available on several reputable websites.  Be sure to read the reviews left by previous travelers as they tend to be very honest about details, amenities, ease of access and favorability of location.

Finally, research discounts for plays and site seeing tours prior to your departures. Most often the most expensive prices are listed at the venue for those wishing to purchase tickets or entry on the spot. The same case applies to theater and music products. Seek out discounts and coupons prior to departure. Many restaurants in larger cities offer reduced price menus for early bird diners. Take advantage of these!